Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pair two (or multiple) IQVision devices together?

How do I create a custom IQVision exercise?

Can I connect my IQVision devices together if there is an existing wi-fi network available?

Yes! If there is a local wi-fi network available, you can connect all of the IQVision devices to the same network. This is ideal if you are setting up the displays far apart from each other, allowing you to control all of the Display Devices from your Trainer Device. An effective solution for large indoor/outdoor spaces such as soccer fields is to use a wireless portable wi-fi router which will allow you to connect all of the devices together on the same wi-fi network. Some value-priced options can be found on Amazon, including the following linked below:

Can I connect my IQVision devices together if no wi-fi network is available?

Yes. Begin by setting up your Display Device(s) and Trainer Device within close proximity of each other. Initialize the drill from the Trainer Device and then place the Display Device(s) wherever you see fit. The drill will run until the time has expired as defined by the Drill Duration configured on the Trainer Device. In order to change/modify your drill, you will need to return the Display Device(s) within close proximity of the Trainer Device. The devices will automatically prompt for pairing. Then you may modify/select your next drill configuration.