IQVision is a state-of-the-art app designed to improve cognitive processing and visual acuity skills. Created for high-performance sports training, IQVision challenges athletes to focus on their sports skills while pushing their limits of spatial awareness, depth perception, rapid eye movement, dual-tasking and reactive capabilities.


IQVision trains the athlete in their 360° environment and allows for the integration of sport-specific skills. Trainers and coaches utilize our open-architecture system to create endless skills and drills, challenging their athletes to reach peak performance.

With IQVision, athletes can bring their training home - with the ability to connect upto six iOS devices wirelessly, athletes of all sports can master their skills from the comfort of their own home, or wherever their training takes them. Develop unique and creative drill combinations for endless training possibilities.



IQVision™ takes tactical training to the next level as an innovative tool to help increase situational awareness and 360 degree safety. Law enforcement and military professionals as well as responsible armed citizens can use IQVision to develop their vision skills - depth perception, peripheral vision and rapid eye movement. Enhance your search and assess capabilities and improve your ability to transition from target to target. Challenge your cognitive processes by breaking out of 'tunnel vision' and remaining aware of your surroundings - while simultaneously focusing on the threat down range.



Scientific study shows that the human brain possesses the ability to process information from multiple sources simultaneously. The concept of parallel processing is enhanced through IQVision, allowing an athlete to focus on the execution of sports skills while processing information from the multiple display devices placed at various angles and distances.

IQVision also offers a range of difficulty with respect to cognitive tasking by including random colors, random numbers, and a combination of random colors, numbers and arithmetic questions.